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GAME STATS: How did UPMBT get the bounce back win?




There is no better way to bounce back from a loss than getting a dominant win – and that is exactly what the UP Men’s Basketball Team did yesterday. So how exactly did UPMBT get the win?

First, the team executed their plays better and shot better in terms of field goals. In this game, the team shot 40.6% from the field (vs AdU’s 28.4%). The team was also able to control the rebounding department, grabbing 54 vs AdU’s 40.

Again, it was defense that really helped us get the win. The team limited AdU to make just 13.8% of their 3pt field goal attempts and 10 assists (vs AdU’s round 1 average of 29.5% 3pt FG% and 16 assists per game). The team also just gave Adamson just 1 fastbreak play conversion.

It was a good game for the team and hopefully, this momentum will carry over to the game on Sunday.



1025 G32 MENS UP ADU

1025 G32 MENS UP ADU

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