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GAME STATS: How did UPMBT dominate and still remain undeafeated?



The UP Men’s Basketball Team flexed their might and got their most dominant win of the season to stay undefeated. So how did they do it?

The team had their best field goal shooting percentage of the season, making 47% of their shots (vs 38.2%). The bench also showed out for the team yesterday. The bench scored 68 of the team’s points (vs UST’s 10) and held the fort later in the game.

The team also had dished out more assists (23) and limited UST to just 12. They were also able to limit their turnovers and executed better (16 vs 24) and took advantage of this, converting more TOs to points (28 vs 8 ). They also effectively controlled the passing lanes, getting 15 steals vs UST’s 7.

For the next games, they need to control their fouls. In this game, they gave UST 34 free throws from the 23 fouls they committed.



1014 G18 MENS UP UST

1014 G18 MENS UP UST

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