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UP Pep Squad: Top 5 Most Iconic Routines – Do You Agree?



The UP Pep Squad has become an institution in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition stage. Leading innovation year per year, they have become a staple in the podium since 1995. That was two decades of golden moments for the Pep Squad ng Bayan.

Today is the day they will try to return to the podium after missing the contest in 2016 and finishing sixth in 2017.

BONUS: In 2007, the UP Pep Squad rocked the entire Araneta with their “UP Rocks” theme!

Now, here are my Top 5!

For the fifth spot, it’s when they shaved their heads, heads turned.

For #4, who can ever forget that Equaliteam theme? Crazy concept. The crowd was filled with lots of emotions. The theme that pushed for equality and LGBT rights – we saw women lifting men, easy. It was truly uplifting – wear their pride, UP did.


At # 3, one of the boldest years in UAAP is when they celebrated femininity – the best routine they had ever shown in the UAAP stage! It’s the Madonna theme!

Torn between my Top 2 favorite themes – it must be the well-thought concept and the fun, energetic vibe of the Fiesta theme that’s why I’m putting it on #2! Technically, a lot of routines in 2011-2015 era are better than this, but the dance part and using the sunflowers as pom-poms? Come on. This really gave us chills and joy when they were crowned winners in 2008. And Riki Flores introduced the squad in a very unforgettable fashion.

And, the top spot – of course, the #UtakPuso routine that left everyone heart-broken! That ending sequence really pinched the hearts of iskolar ng bayan (students and alumni) who studied and worked hard, struggled just to continue their UP education. It was the true spirit of being a UP student – not just utak, but heart for service and passion for everything that we do. Never would you imagine a squad to tug people’s hearts while executing their routine. Only the Pep Squad ng Bayan got everyone teary-eyed from that Spongecola ‘Puso’ gig to the ‘UP Naming Mahal’ guitar riff. It was just magic from start to finish. The routine placed third but it’s forever etched in our minds that this is a Tatak UP champion routine.

It’s 2018 – will the colorful theme of the UP Pep Squad translate to a podium finish, or even championship? Let’s all support them as they rock and roll the MOA Arena mats today, 1pm! Don’t miss it.

Do you agree with our list? Share us your comments below!

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