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PSL Collegiate Grand Slam: Nikki Magsarile Stars as UP Lady Maroons Win Over CSA Binan Lady Raptors



Nikki Magsarile and Justine Dorog lead way for the UP Lady Maroons in their four-set win over CSA-Binan Lady Raptors: 25-6, 21-25, 25-16, 25-22.

The UP Lady Maroons dominated the first set, pouncing on the Lady Raptors’ reception. The set was highlighted by Nikki Magsarile’s nerves of steel in the service line. Dominating in spikes and aces, they ended it with 25-6.

In the second set, the Lady Maroons had issues with their service receive and floor defense, paving way for the Lady Raptors to lead the game for the most part. The inclusion of Dorog and Carlos made several runs to cut the deficit for as much as three points. However, the Lady Raptors dug deep and went on to take it, 25-21.

In the third set, Magsarile started with a string of points with her powerful spikes, while Sotomil stunned the opponents with a dump and her defense. Middle blockers Gannaban and Layug also made their presence felt. But Dorog’s smarts and hard spikes proved to be the difference at the end of the set. They end the set with an error from Lady Raptors’ Duarte, 25-16.

On Set 4, the Lady Maroons started strong but the Lady Raptors, lead by Alliah Marce, kept up with them throughout the set. Toe-to-toe, the UP Lady Maroons strived hard to get the lead and a Gannaban exclamation point finished the set, 25-22, eventually winning them the game.

If you have not watched the full game yet, watch UP Lady Maroons vs CSA Lady Raptors here:

UP vs CSA stats

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